All Injury Rehab Clinics will remain open until further notice. All of our clinics are in compliance with the CDC guidelines to keep our patients healthy. Our staff is happy to answer any questions that you may have related to COVID-19.

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With seven clinic locations serving the DFW: Carrollton, Desoto, McKinney, Mesquite, Plano, Richardson, and Rockwall.


Putting the body under these forces can cause your neck/spine to be strained, stretched and pushed in ways that it was not meant to be.


Rehabilitation is aimed at correcting improper work habits which are the cause of repeated work related accidents and injury.


Active people in sports put constant strain on muscles tendons and joints, resulting in injuries and needing chiropractic care.


Our Chiropractors and Staff are experienced in helping Patients cope with the many adverse reactions to chronic pain. (Back/Neck/Joint)

All Injury Rehab Chiropractic

Although whiplash is a very common occurrence in car accidents, whiplash injuries can also occur in sports where an impact from behind is common.

As a matter of fact, any activity or accident which involves the head being snapped forward and backward suddenly and rapidly, whiplash injury is a very serious reality for those victims.

A.I.R. History

All Injury Rehab and Chiropractic started as a single alternative medicine clinic in Plano, TX. Through the years we have grown to seven brick and mortar locations and have incorporated medical professionals into our rehabilitation programs.

Today you will find that All Injury Rehab and Chiropractic is a multidisciplinary chiropractic rehab facility that focuses on all injuries and ailments.

A.I.R. Building Trust

To date, All Injury Rehab and Chiropractic has treated thousands of North Dallas, TX residents for a wide range of ailments, injuries, and conditions.

Where necessary we have worked closely with our Medical Doctors to ensure a complete and expedient recovery. This is why our patients keep coming back again and again. Treating our patients like family is our goal and optimal health is our mission.

Important To Know

Whiplash can go undetected for months!

Dr. Samuela Bean, D.C.

Mission: My mission is to incorporate the principles of musculoskeletal care to those created by the medical profession and gradually change the public opinion of a modern chiropractor’s abilities.

Community Involvement: I promote awareness for spinal health by offering free spinal checks throughout the community as well as going into the lower income areas once a month and offering free literature and information on how to preserve the body from needless sprains, strains, dislocations and many other ailments commonly associated with manual labor.

Sam Bean, D.C.


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