All Injury Rehab of North Dallas

All Injury Rehab & Chiropractic has assembled the top Chiropractors in the Dallas, TX area and offers the most advanced, chiropractic treatments for neck pain and back pain. All of our pain management chiropractors are experts in the focused pain management field. Our pain management programs are a safe and effective alternative treatment to back or neck surgery. Our chiropractic approach delivers targeted pain relief.

Our Chiropractors have extensive experience managing patients with a wide range of pain including chronic neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain and arthritis pain, as well as treatment for a number of conditions including carpel tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tears, ACL injuries to name a few. Our Chiropractic Clinics are throughout the North Dallas area and each is fully equipment for chiropractic adjustment as well as physical rehabilitation..

Our Chiropractors and Physical Rehab Staff provide very comprehensive initial and ongoing evaluations to determine individualized treatment options and goals. From here our focus and detail at every session will get you better in the quickest way possible. This includes using our specialized manual rehab techniques and taking time to educate our patients on how to heal their bodies.

Pain Management Resources: