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Car accidents happen to both good and bad drivers alike and the repercussions for both are all the same. Along with the damage to personal property the most common injuries to those involved in a car accident are whiplash or neck injury and back pain injury. These injuries normally happen after a car accident because of the sudden acceleration and deceleration of the upper body due to the collision. This rapid sudden movement could be beyond the body's tolerance putting much pressure on the ligaments, muscles or tissues in the upper back.

Those who experience back pain following a car accident may have more serious underlying issues than simple soft tissue or muscle pain. Following a car accident issues directly related to the spine are possible because of the trauma experienced in the upper area of the spine. It is in the spine where almost all major joints are connected. It is also the spine that holds a person's ability to stand and sit in an upright position. When back injuries and pain are experienced after a car accident, chiropractic examination and x-ray diagnostics can help detect the underlying cause. Alternative diagnostic services such as chiropractic examination can help determine the root cause of the car accident victim's pain as well as design a specific treatment plan which can help restore a quality of life back to a tolerable or complete level of recovery.

Chiropractic focuses specifically on the spine and the effects of trauma to the spine as it relates to pain felt elsewhere in the body. Following a car accident it is recommended that all victims seek medical attention immediately because whiplash and other neck and spine injuries can take time to give pain and other problem type indicators. Generally chiropractors can and will refer to medical professionals should the damage to the spine be severe and out of the realm of alternative chiropractic treatments. In addition to medical referrals chiropractic clinics often work with letters of protection and attorneys throughout the areas of their clinics and can make legal referrals as well to mitigate any financial burdens which can be associated with medical treatment. Although it should be noted that chiropractic diagnostics and treatment is generally affordable and payment plans can be negotiated at time of service.

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