All Injury Rehab Carrollton

The chiropractors at Carrollton Injury Rehab & Chiropractic as a treatment for various injuries as it helps not only in pain relief but it promoted quicker healing. Ultrasound treatment is very specific to the injury and our chiropractors are trained and educated in the diagnosis and usage of such pain relief remedies.

The benefits of the ultrasound rehabilitation includes an increase in the elasticity of the collagen found in joint capsules, tendons and scar tissues; an increase in the motor as well as the sensory nerve conduction that helps in reducing the pain; the increase in blood flow; the reduction of muscle spasm from an altered contractile activity of the skeletal muscle; and the muscle spasm reduction through the reduction of the activity of the muscle spindle.

If you have been injured in a car accident, on the job or playing sports, it is likely that ultrasound rehab can be used as part of your treatment program. Contact our Carrollton, TX Clinic today for a complete diagnostic exam and the treatment options available for your condition.