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Integrative medicine combines the practices of modern science and ancient healing. The emphasis in integrative medicine is the patient, and cooperation between disciplines. Integrative medicine is holistic, and brings out the best of each therapy toward the goal of improving the body, mind and spirit of patients. As part of the overall field of complementary and alternative medicine, chiropractic is a well-established and well-studied member of a group of natural modalities. Chiropractic treatment, throughout its history, has mixed well with other medical practices, some better than others. Below are a few of the treatments that chiropractic patients often encounter; many of them creating a synergistic effect.

Chiropractic and acupuncture work exceedingly well together. In fact, some chiropractors go back to school to learn acupuncture, and many others have acupuncturists working out of their offices. Chiropractic works with the skeletal and nervous system. Skeletal problems are often at the root of many physical complaints, yet an adjustment may not hold if uneven muscle tension or soft tissue inflammation are constantly tugging the bones out of alignment. Acupuncture works with soft tissue and overall balance of body function. By relieving pain while relaxing and balancing muscle and nervous function, acupuncture helps chiropractic adjustments to last longer. Together, these treatments can shorten the overall time required to resolve a musculoskeletal complaint.

Many chiropractors also offer manual massage in their clinics. For pain involving a combination of skeletal misalignment and muscle injury or chronic tension, manual massage is an important ingredient in successful chiropractic treatment. As with acupuncture, the combination of hard and soft tissue rehabilitation leads to fast recovery and fewer visits to resolve a complaint.

Homeopaths and naturopaths often share patients with chiropractors. All three professions share a dedication to natural alternative medicine and emphasize balance and wellness in treatment. Homeopaths may prescribe homeopathic remedies that will complement chiropractic treatment. This allows a chiropractic treatment of low back pain to combine with the appropriate remedy that will, for example, also treat the depression that often accompanies chronic pain. Naturopaths may prescribe herbal and nutritional supplements, along with herbal baths, sophisticated massage techniques and other natural therapies. These therapies, like homeopathic remedies, can extend chiropractic treatment, either helping to increase effectiveness, or to broaden treatment to include a wider range of symptoms.

Physicians and Chiropractors can and often do work together therefore you should always inform your various healthcare providers about one another. Think of your doctor, your chiropractor and others as a team working toward your health, even if they are not specifically working with each other.

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