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With Texas consistently ranking as the most dangerous state to drive a motor vehicle in, it’s no surprise that McKinney has a substantial amount of car accidents on its roads every year. Stats published by the Texas Department of Transportation indicate that there were a total of 1,423 crashes in McKinney throughout 2018.

There were only seven fatalities as a result of these 1,423 crashes, which is low when compared to some other areas in the state. Around 20 percent of these auto accidents result in either serious or non-incapacitating injuries. For resident of McKinney, Texas, these are worrying figures.

The Most Dangerous Roads in McKinney, Texas

According to information published by City-Data, the most dangerous road in McKinney is the Central Expressway. It’s on this road that the majority of McKinney’s fatal road accidents occur every year. Other roads that have frequent accidents include University Drive and McDonald Street.

Chiropractor McKinney TX

The most common types of injuries that people who have been involved present with are:

Spinal Injuries: When the spine suffers trauma as the result of an auto accident, it’s common for the victim to suffer from a loss of movement or feeling in their back.

Back and Neck Injuries: The most common types of back and neck injuries are whiplash, herniated discs, and sprains and strains.

If you’re injured in a car accident, seeing an auto accident injury doctor at McKinney Injury Rehab is important for your health. Once you’ve been checked over at the scene, you should contact us immediately. It’s important to see us as soon as possible, even if you’re feeling totally fine. This is because the symptoms of your injuries may not be obvious at first. Getting an appointment with a McKinney Injury Rehab chiropractor can help you to being to manage your injury before it even becomes apparent that you have one.

Chiropractor for Car Accident Injury McKinney TX

There are injuries that occur in car accidents that are quite obvious. Things such as broken limbs and bruising are easy to notice, and you’ll get treatment for them easily. It’s rarely this simple though, as the true impact that a car crash has on a person’s body won’t be noticed until symptoms emerge.

The most common injury that car accident victims suffer is a much more subtle injury, one that is rarely felt immediately and that isn’t detected by x-rays – whiplash. Whiplash happens when the car transitions from travelling at a high speed to being almost completely stationary.

The human body simply isn’t designed to withstand this sudden change in force and it usually results in tears in the fibers in the neck. This pain is usually in the neck, and can be extremely painful and debilitating. It might not be immediately apparent that you’ve got whiplash as the confusion and adrenaline from being involved in an accident may dull the initial pain. Rather, whiplash tends to affect the patient anytime from a few hours up to a few days later.

As the spine is an important part of the upper back and neck, chiropractic treatment is often the best way to resolve pain in this area. A chiropractic adjustment is ideal for whiplash as well as other injuries to the back that occur as the result of a car crash. While these subtle injuries may not be easy to detect at first, getting the help of an independent, third-party chiropractor, could help you to ensure that these injuries don’t turn into major health problems for you.

McKinney Injury Rehab has many years experience treating people who have sustained injuries in auto accidents.

Chiropractor McKinney TX

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