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Mesquite Injury Rehab is a leading chiropractic clinic that helps patients that are affected by symptoms associated with diabetes. Our chiropractors will help you manage your symptoms associated with diabetes and are highly qualified in managing symptoms resulting from diabetes.

Diabetes occurs when the pancreas stops functioning properly by not producing enough or any insulin. Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas, takes the sugar that is broken down from the food we eat, and moves it into our cells. When insulin isn't available to manage the sugar we take in, diabetes develops. Patients with diabetes either produce no insulin (Type 1), produce some insulin but not enough (Type 2), or only suffer from diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes). Typical symptoms that diabetics suffer from can be excessive urination, thirst, and weight loss or weight gain (depending on the type of diabetes). Fatigue, irritability, and poor circulation in the hands and feet are also common symptoms of patients who suffer from diabetes.

If you suffer from diabetes, contact Mesquite Injury Rehab today for a consultation and to discover available treatment options that can help manage your symptoms resulting from diabetes. Our chiropractors use the latest in technology and chiropractic massage to help you manage your diabetes.

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