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At McKinney Injury Rehab patients experiencing postural syndrome feel no pain when active and moving. The pain can appear in the lower back, upper back, neck or all three areas and comes on with prolonged sitting or standing. On examination, patients can appear asymptomatic with no loss of movement. With repeated movements, there is no pain. The only observable finding is poor sitting and standing posture.

For this syndrome, postural-movement education becomes the main treatment. People with postural pain must come to realize that their symptoms are directly related to their posture. Sitting and standing postures are corrected through verbal and manual guidance. Individual problem areas such as sleeping and lying positions and working postures are dealt with as needed.

If you feel that you are experiencing postural syndrome, please visit McKinney Injury Rehab today for a comlete assessment of your condition. Our chiropractors are trained in the McKenzie Method and can advise you of the best treatment program available for your condition.

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