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The McKenzie back extension exercises have been utilized by the chiropractors at Rockwall Injury Rehab extensively and by Physicians in general for at least two decades. Robin McKenzie noted that some of his patients reported lower back pain relief while in an extended position. This went against the predominant thinking of Williams Flexion biased exercises at this period of time.

The chiropractors at Rockwall Injury Rehab are certified in the use of The McKenzie Method. McKenzie has developed diagnostic categories that assign patient to specific treatments. Patients evaluated by Rockwall Injury Rehab chiropractors are most likely to be placed into an extension biased exercise program. This is probably why most people think of extension when talking about McKenzie exercises, or because the original exercises were in opposition to Williams' flexion exercises.

The goal of McKenzie exercises is to centralized pain. If a patient has pain in the lower back, right buttock, right posterior thigh, and right calf, then the goal would be to "centralize" the pain to the lower back, buttock, and posterior thigh. Then, "centralize" the pain to the lower back and buttock, and finally just the lower back.

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