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Your Rockwall Injury Rehab chiropractic clinic focuses on many treatment options when it comes to back pain and neck pain. One methodology our chiropractors use to help return our patients to optimal spinal health is the McKenzie Method or McKenzie Protocal.

McKenzie treatment uniquely emphasizes education and active patient involvement in the management of their treatment in order to decrease pain quickly, and restore function and independence, minimizing the number of visits to the clinic. And if a problem is more complex, self-treatment may not be possible right away. However, your Rockwall Injury Rehab McKenzie Chiropractor will know when to provide additional advanced hands-on techniques until the patient can successfully manage the prescribed skills on their own.

Ultimately, most patients can successfully treat themselves when provided the necessary knowledge and tools. An individualized self-treatment program tailored to the lifestyle of the patient puts the patient in control safely and effectively.

Contact Rockwall Injury Rehab today and have one of our Doctors of Chiropractic explain in detail the benefits of the McKenzie Method and how it can help provide relief from pain.

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