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It has recently been discovered that women suffering from fibromyalgia experience certain conditions worsening just before and during a woman's menstrual period. Fibromyalgia is an autonomic nervous system disorder. The autonomic nerve system uses the nerves, spinal cord, and brain to regulate functions such as bladder control and blood pressure. Such functions are for the most part, involuntary and occur below our level of consciousness.

Many women with fibromyalgia have said that their symptoms worsened just before or during their periods. This is believed to be because of fluctuations in a woman's hormone levels at that point in the menstrual cycle. Because estrogen decreases the level of pain a woman might feel otherwise and estrogen levels dip just before menstruation and remain low throughout a woman's menstrual period, it may be predictable that pain and other symptoms of fibromyalgia could worsen.

Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Widespread Pain
TMJD Syndrome
Weight Gain
Vision Problems
Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Morning Stiffness
Sleep Disorders
Urinary & Pelvic Problems
Cold Symptoms
Memory Impairment
Chronic Headaches
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome
Menstrual Cycle
Breathing Trouble
Chest Symptoms
Muscle Twitches & Weakness
Aggravating Factors
Weather Changes