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Most people who are advancing in age experience low back pain in some form or fashion. A small percentage of the people who experience back pain also experience sciatic pain as well, with a majority of these patients seeking evaluation from a chiropractor or physician. When diagnosing sciatica it is far more common these days to runs tests and diagnostic exams specifically for piriformis syndrome. Piriformis syndrome has been documented for more than 50 years however its diagnosis still remains confusing at times.

Because such a high percentage throughout the world experience low back pain at some time during their lives it is usually considered a self-limiting symptom, but it costs at billions each year and disables millions of Americans. Often times patients experiencing piriformis syndrome are also experiencing SI pain such as a burning, aching, or sharp pain in the distribution of a lumbar nerve root that sometimes radiates to below the knee that can result in dibilitating pain and numbness.

Many people suffering from low back pain will seek evaluation from a chiropractor or their primary care practitioner. It is, therefore, important that the chiropractor and primary care physician be familiar diagnosing problems of the lower extremities and hips, but also that they be familiar with the variety of differential diagnoses that can present themselves as sciatica.

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