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If you are experiencing weakness or numb tingling sensations in your legs, this type of discomfort can be due to increased pressure in your spine which can lead to nerves being pinched. All Inury Rehab of Plano, TX can help alleviate the pressure in your spine by providing chiropractic adjustments designed to relieve pressure in the spinal discs and release nerves which are being pinched.

Although tingling or burning in the legs might seem like a serious disorder or injury, often times adjustments and rehabilitation of the spine can lead to complete relief of these symptoms and return the sufferer to normal activity quickly. Our chiropractos treat patients with leg numbness and weakness on a reqular basis at our Plano, TX clinic. Our clinic is complete with Doctors of Chiropractic and the latest in chiropractic technology.

Visit our Plano, TX chiropractic clinic today or call for an appointment. Our Chiropractors and Staff are ready to give you a complete diagnostic exam complete with explanation of treatments available. If you are experiencing tingling, burning, numbness or other discomforts in your legs, we are ready to treat your spinal condition.