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All Injury Rehab of Plano, TX provides diagnostic services and treatment for sequestered lumbar disc bulge and other spinal disorders. Our Chiropractors are experts at alleviating the pain associated with a sequestered disc bulge by administering spinal adjustments designed to seperate the discs of the spine allowing for the release of pressure on the affected nerves.

A sequestered lumbar disc bulge is when a portion of the disc is displaced beyond the outer anaulus and maintains no tissue connection with the disc of origin. This is where the herniated disc material has completely separated from the disc and is "free" and floating. This is a more sever disc herniation and should be diagnosed properly by a Doctor of Chiropractic at our Plano, TX clinic.

If you feel that you have a sequestered disc bulge condition or other type of disc herniation, you should visit our Plano, TX chiropractic clinic immediately for a complete diagnostic exam along with an explanation of treatment options available. Our Doctors of Chiropractic at our Plano, TX spinal rehab clinic are experts at diagnosing the root cause of your pain and treating the underlying pain.