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If you work for the Federal or State Government and have an accepted workers' compensation claim for a previous injury, and currently suffering from a similar injury on the job, you may have to submit a notice of recurrence of the injury previously accepted by OWCP.

If you are in the situation of returning to work following a period of disability and find that you must stop work because of medical reasons, you have to ask the question of which claim a claims examiner will most likely approve.

If you find yourself in this position you should contact All Injury Rehab & Chiropractic immediately for a case review and examination.

Recurrence Claims

A recurrence claim is when a medical condition, from a previous injury or occupational illness, undergoes a material worsening without an intervening injury or a renewed exposure to the work environment that caused the original illness. A recurrence claim can also be when an accepted consequential injury condition acts up and forces a claimant off work. A recurrence claim is straightforward when the employer withdraws its light work accommodation for the injured worker.