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The Chiropractors at All Injury Rehab Rockwall, TX diagnose and treat patients suffering from symptoms related to a lumbar disc bulge. By performing physical examinations and x-rays on a patient our Doctors of Chiropractic can differentiate between a bugling disc typical of aging and one that is causing pain and other discomfort.

A bulging disc in the spine is referring to a spinal disc which is slightly protruding. Upon examination it will be obvious to our chiropractors and a treatment plan can be developed based on your circumstances.

Disc bulges are very common. As people age, disc bulges can be seen on x-rays and can exist without the patient having a single symptom of a bulging disc, especially in patients over the age of 40. If you feel you are experiencing pain or discomfort from a bulging disc you should contact our Rockwall Chiropractic Clinic as soon as possible for a complete diagnostic exam and medical history evaluation. Upon completion of your exam our chiropractors can determine the appropriate treatment options available to you.