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What can a Sports Injury Chiropractor do?

  • Use diagnostic tests to discover the cause of the problem.
  • Rule out medical diseases.
  • Treat the cause as well as the symptoms.
  • Use electrotherapy equipment to treat affected tissues.
  • If indicated and safe to do, level the pelvis via manipulation.
  • Sports massage will help relieve any soft tissue tension in the area.
  • Advise you on a rehabilitation program to correct any muscle imbalances.
  • If the above treatment fails, a Corticosteroid injection into the SIJ may be used. If this treatment is recommended by an All Injury Rehab Chiropractor, we can refer you to a medical doctor.

What can you do to treat sacroiliac joint pain yourself?

  • Rest from any activities which cause pain.
  • If the surrounding muscles have tightened up, use a warm-pack to help them relax.
  • Don't heat if an inflammatory condition is suspected.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen may be helpful. Always check with your Doctor first.
  • Try wearing a sacroiliac back belt

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