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Aging brings a lot of changes in every individual. Some age beautifully and healthy while other's physical health is deteriorating. This deterioration includes joint pain, loss of flexibility, difficulty in one's movement and muscle pain. One condition that often occurs due to aging is Spinal Stenosis.

Spinal Stenosis is a condition that is related to the thinning of spinal canal located specifically in upper and lower back. The thinning of such spine puts a lot of pressure in the nerves and spinal cord resulting to pain in the affected area. This condition occurs in the spine either in cervical, lumbar or thoracic. It is often the result of spinal deterioration due to advance in age. In some instances, conditions like spinal disc herniation, osteoporosis or tumor are sometimes the cause of spinal stenosis.

At an early stage, you do not experience many symptoms at all since they occur without so much pain but as the condition progress, it now causes severe pain and experience limited body movements. Aside from pain other symptoms of spinal stenosis includes numbness in arms, shoulders, hands, neck and legs. For some they experience cramping.

Mild spinal stenosis can be cured with pain medications, braces for support or physical therapies. Exercise can help a lot in treating Spinal Stenosis. Speak with your All Injury Rehab & Chiropractic Chiropractor who can recommend the best exercise that would work best for you. Check below some of the best exercise for spinal stenosis.

Basic Exercises

  • Marching exercise - Stand erect and begin marching in the same place. Make sure to lift your legs four to five inches above the ground. Do this for a few minutes everyday.
  • Hand and Leg Exercise - Lie flat on your stomach, lift your left leg and hand two to three inches above the floor. Do the same on your right hand and leg. Do it about two to three times on each side.

Flexibility Exercise

  • Back Exercise A - Stand straight with your hands on your hips. Stretch your back by bending backwards. Maintain in this position for five seconds. Repeat it five times.
  • Back exercise B - With your back flat on the floor, raise either of your legs and hold the back of your thigh with your hands for support. Straighten your legs to feel a good stretch at the back of your thigh. Maintain this position for thirty seconds. Do the same with the other leg. Do this about three times in each leg.

Strength Training Exercises

  • Back Exercise A - Lie down in your stomach with your face towards the floor and your arms in your side. Pull in your buttocks and raise your shoulders and head as much as you can. Try to maintain in this position for about four to five seconds. Repeat it ten times.
  • Back exercise B - With your back flat in the floor and arms at the sides, bend your knee and lift your pelvis. Lift your head and shoulders till your shoulder blades are off the floor. Try to remain in this position for five seconds. Repeat it ten times.