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Damage and disease to the spine and associated nerves can cause tingling hands and arms. Often associated with burning, creeping or numbness, the symptoms are similar to that of a skin sensation which is also known as paresthesia. The symptoms severity also vary from person to person. For example, if you are healthy and wake up with tingling in your arm or hand, it may not be serious but if you are suffering from heart disease, or hypertension, or diabetes and experience tingling in your arm or hand, a medical doctor should be seen immediately. The possible causes for tingling in arms and hands depend upon the exact location of the paresthesia sensations, which mainly include a physical spine and nerve injury type condition like a nerve entrapment or a pressure applied to the nerve or to the spinal attachment of that nerve. Another reason can be a disease condition affecting the nerves like neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, diabetic neuropathy, and other disorders.

Although there are many causes for tingling, or burning, sensations in the hands or arms, some of the more common can be described as thoracic outlet syndrome, basilar artery migraine, fracture of the shoulder blade, acroparesthesia syndrome and neuropathy ataxia or retinitis. All of therse require medical evaluation.

The above are simply a few of the possible causes for tingling in arms and hands. Some other causes include arm fracture, chronic myeloproliferative disorder, classic migraine, Guillain barre syndrome and hyperventilation. Stiff joints in the neck due to an accident or improper movement or position can be another common cause of tingling in the arms and hands. If you are experiencing any of these conditions or symptoms, a visit to your local chiropractor can help diagnose the exact root cause of your disorder.

If your symptoms arise from a musculoskeletal disorder, a chiropractic doctor can be a great help; if not, then your chiropractor will make a referral to the appropriate medical specialist.

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