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The body is comprised of more than six hundred muscles. They work to help you in every aspect of everyday life from involuntary actions to voluntary actions. Muscles are composed of the same materials no matter their function; a type of elastic tissue. Tens of thousands of muscle fibers make up each muscle in your body and they are of three types: cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle and smooth muscle.

The chiropractic wellness and rehab exercises discussed on this site should only be performed after evaluation by one of our Doctors at any of our 5 locations in the North Dallas area. Some exercises should only be performed under the instruction of our qualified staff or Doctors. Failure to have injuries, specifically whiplash injury, or chronic pain properly diagnosed could lead to further damage to the affected area.

Should you experience pain or discomfort while performing any exercise, you should stop immediately. It is highly recommended that you only perform the exercises described on this site which are prescribed by one of our clinical staff.

Beginner Back Exercises Intermediate Back Exercises Advanced Back Exercises
Abdominal Exercise Abdominal Exercise Arm & Leg Extension
Hip & Leg Stretch Lateral Leg Lift Trunk Side Leg Stretch
Cat & Camel Exercise Bridging Exercise Hip Extension Exercise
Elbow Props Exercise Crunches Exercise Lower Trunk Rotation
Hamstring Stretch Curl Situps Exercise Superman Exercise
Isometric Abdominal    
Knee to Chest Raise    
Lumborum Stretch Exercise    
Nose to Knee Exercise    
Pelvic Tilt Exercise    
Piriformis Stretch Exercise    
Prayer Stretch Exercise    
Press Ups Exercise    
Side Stretch Exercise    
Spine Extension Exercise    

Lower Body Intermediate Neck Beginner Exercises Upper Body Exercises
Hip Adductor Exercise Head Nod Exercise Lower Trapezius Exercise
Kneeling Hip Flexor Exercise Levator Scapulae Exercise Pectoralis Exercise
Standing Quad Exercise Scalene Stretch Exercise Serratus Anterior Exercise
Tensor Fascia Latae Exercise Upper Trapezius Exercise Upper Body Prayer Stretch
Hamstring Stretch   Wall Press Exercise