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Injuries are common in everyone’s life. Each of us has gotten at least one injury during our life. But treatment can be quite difficult and tiring due to the type of trauma. So, injuries at work are one of the most popular types of injuries.

In the case of our clinic, the expression “No one is insured” does not make sense. Our workers compensation clinic offers our patients all the necessary help in case of trauma at work. We specialize in rehabilitation, therapy, and chiropractic. These treatments are aimed at the speedy recovery of our patients.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is an insurance option. It enables employees with work-related injuries to receive benefits. Repayment works in two directions and provides protection and help to the employee and the employer. This allows the employee to receive payments for the period of treatment by the worker compensation doctors. It happens until full recovery. It also helps to outline the scope of responsibility that the employer bears.

For the most part, bosses should provide payments to their employees. These include:

  • The cost of medical treatment in workers compensation clinics.

  • Loss of wages or benefits.

  • Loss of ability to work.

If the accident resulted in a death, then this help is paid to the family in case of the loss of a breadwinner.

Laws for worker compensation doctors and patients may vary from state to state. But often, all workers can receive benefits regardless of the person’s fault. The employee can receive repayment even if they partly are guilty of the incident.

Types of Work Injuries

Today, there are many work-related injuries that our workers compensation clinic helps cure. The most common injuries include:

  • Slips and falls. A wet or blocked passage causes such injuries.

  • Repetitive strain trauma. They occur with overstrain of one muscle group.

  • Burns. They occur due to contact with hot surfaces or chemicals. Only the professional work injury doctor can cure them.

  • Car crashes. Such injuries occur when non-compliance with safety regulations leads to injuries.

  • Hitting objects. They arise when an employee handles equipment or materials incorrectly.

  • Workplace violence. They can happen due to conflict situations.

The employer needs to cut hazards at work and the possibility of trauma. That is why safety training and the provision of personal protective equipment are carried out. And employees, for their part, notify about all the problems in the workplace. But if an incident occurs, don’t wait and contact our workers compensation clinic for help.

DOL Injury by Industry

The US Department of Labor (DOL) tracks work-related injuries and fatalities by industry. This helps identify trends and areas where improvements can be made. 

Here are some trauma statistics by industry in the US:

  • Construction. The construction industry has a high rate of workplace injuries. Falls and electric shocks are the main causes of death. This trauma can only be cured by a professional worker-compensation doctor.


  • Production. Injuries in the manufacturing industry often result from equipment failures.

  • Agriculture. Agricultural workers get injuries from heavy machinery, falls, and chemical exposure.

  • Transport and warehousing. Workers get injuries in traffic accidents, slips, and falls.

  • Health care. Healthcare workers get injuries due to lifting patients and exposure to disease. And even professional work injury doctors sometimes need help.

  • Retail trade. Retail injuries often result from slips and fall and workplace violence.

  • Accommodation and catering services. Workers in this industry are at risk of burns, cuts, and falls.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are working in. Contact our workers compensation clinic if you need help with health.

How All Injury Rehab Can Help With Workers’ Compensation?

All Injury Rehab is a medical facility. We specialize in the treatment of work injuries. We also assist employees with repayment claims. Here are some ways All Injury Rehab can help workers:

  • Comprehensive medical care. Our workers compensation clinic offers a wide range of medical services. We offer our patients physiotherapy, chiropractic, and pain relief.

  • Individual treatment plans. Despite the typicality of work-related injuries, we understand that each case is unique. That is why we offer an individual approach for each of our patients. We offer an individualized treatment plan for each person. Thus, each patient can receive the decent and correct treatment.

  • Communication with employers and insurance companies. Our work injury clinic communicates with employers and insurance companies. We ensure the smooth and efficient processing of repayment claims.

  • Return to work programs. All Injury Rehab offers return-to-work programs. We help injured workers return to work after trauma. This includes physical therapy, job modification, and ergonomic assessments. This ensures that employees can return to work safely and without further trauma.

  • Help with paperwork and documentation. Our work injury clinic helps with workers’ repayment claims. All Injury Rehab can help employees with their paperwork.

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